Me & Little Me: Journal Prompts for the Inner Child

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This is a prompted journal written by a therapist for anyone interested in healing trauma and doing inner child work. There are 52 prompts for 1 per week for 1 year, though it can be done at any pace. This is a great tool for anyone who is hesitant about therapy but wants to start working on themselves or someone in therapy who wants to maximize their healing process with work outside of their sessions. Journaling is an excellent tool for self-care, yet many struggle to do it. Let the prompts guide you on a journey towards healing! *Physical copy available on Amazon*

This Journal Includes:

  • 52 Prompts
  • Extra pages in the back
  • Gratitude focused work
  • Inner child specific work
  • Inner teenager specific work
  • Future self specific work
  • Manifestation guided questions
  • Non-dominant handwriting prompts
  • Self-esteem focused work

Benefits of Inner Child Work:

  • Better understanding of triggers
  • Better understanding of our behaviors and behavior patterns
  • Better relationship with self and others
  • Freedom from childhood wounds
  • The tools to re-parent yourself
  • An increased capacity for joy, love, and peace
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A digital journal with 52 Prompts, extra pages in the back, gratitude focused work, inner child specific work, inner teenager specific work, future self specific work, manifestation guided questions, non-dominant handwriting prompts, and self-esteem focused work

124 pages
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Me & Little Me: Journal Prompts for the Inner Child

0 ratings
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